Wealth Creation Step One: Pay yourself FIRST.

The real wealth secret of Wealth Creation. You must save and accumulate because without a solid foundation there can be no solid wealth creation. From all your income and before you pay any bills, put at least 10% aside for YOU. This must be done before you pay any bills, buy the groceries, have that meal out, party, go on holidays or anything else.

Discipline to Save = Freedom from Debt!

You must have the discipline to save some of your wages or rearrange your budget to free up some savings or you will never have the discipline for Wealth Creation.

Put Yourself First or You will be Last!

Make sure you pay yourself first becuse there will never be enough left over for you if you don't. If you don't believe this, check out your current bank balance. Average savings is about $1,000 per person.

Reduce Your Expenses!

Learn to live comfortably on 90% of your income, you may need to re-arrange your budget so you can. There are many different ways to budget your income, there is one very simple one on the Budget page.

It has been said that most people are only three pay periods away from bankruptcy. If you choose to change that for you then you need to begin accumulating cash as the first step.

Make Careful Purchases According to Your Plan!

The money you pay yourself must not be used for anything but accumulating assets. It is pointless to save for years only to spend it all on a holiday/car/home. No, a home is not an asset to you as is explained in the Asset page. These savings are the kernel of your Wealth Creation, protect that kernel even from you.

Develop Many Income Streams!

So what about those amongst you who really can't shave any fat off your current income?

For those in this situation, you will have to generate a second income stream. Get a second job, start a small business. As long as it is legal, just do it. There is always a way if you will just look around.

You must have some excess income through good budgeting and/or a second income stream or you cannot progress along the path to Wealth Creation. On the page about low cost business there are several which require almost no investment of money at all.

Put the Magic of Compound Interest to Work for YOU!

On the page about compound interest, wealth creation wealth secret number 4, you will see two things, that any start is better than no start and that starting small doesn't mean you have to stay small. This is wealth secret 4.

"What a load of BS! On my income it is not possible to get Rich. Hell, I am lucky to just get from payday to payday. I run out of money so fast I need about 20% more just to see the ends let alone get them to meet. Wealth Secrets or no wealth secrets there is no way I can do this."

If this is what you think about the statements on this page then believe me when I say I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way until a couple of years ago.

Then I read a couple of books which pulled it all together for me. One I had read some years before was written by George S Clasen "The Richest Man in Babylon" and the second was written by Robert T Kiyosaki "Rich Dad Poor Dad".

They are on my Recommended Reading list along with more great books. Some of these books are FREE downloads. There are Guides to Internet Marketing here as well.

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