Wealth Creation Step Six: Increase Your Value with your own Business Online!

Why would you want the have a Business Online, or anywhere else for that matter?

J Paul Getty says that you must run your own business if You want to be Wealthy, Rich DeVos agrees and so do Brian Sher, Robert T Kiyosaki, Peter J Daniels, Charles Paul Conn, and hundreds of others.

If you were able to ask the majority of pre-internet business builders what type of business they would prefer to start up these days, my guess is that they would (mostly) say "A Business Online".

The reasons would be varied but mostly they would come down to, "With a business online you can target exactly the market you want."

All business builders know that you cannot target all of the market - most business online operators try to do that ... and fail.

Notice that Coca-Cola doesn't target everbody with their ads? Who do they target? The youth market. Who buys? Lots of people who are not in the target market (but would like to be) as well as lots of people who are.

Don't make the mistake with your business online of trying to target the millions of people who are online. They are not your target market. Successful businesses online are targetting their own local market but using the power of the internet to do it, it doesn't always have to be about the global market.

Does the thought of selling bother you?   If you truly want to be Wealthy you need to learn how to sell because that is what offline business is all about.   Without profitable sales there is no business online or offline.   Sales comes in the form of 'Face-to-Face', 'Written Advertising', 'Television Advertising', 'Classified Advertising' and variations .   Did you realise that you are a natural born salesperson?   True.

People make decisions emotionally and then justify them with logic.   How many people have told you about their latest purchase and explained all the features that make it better than the one they didn't buy or their old one?   They are Selling their decision to you and Themselves at the same time!   Any time there is a an emotional response between two people a 'sale' is made.

  • Have you ever had a date?
  • Got a better price on a product?
  • Got a job?
  • Been fired?
  • Written a job application or Resume/CV?
All of these situations are 'sales' between two or more people with an 'offer' and a 'response'.

FREE and Low Cost Businesses

Multi-Level Marketing.

One of the simplest businesses to get into and succeed with is Multi-level Marketing.   It has low start-up cost, 100% support from experienced and successful people, usually good quality products, very low risk, exceptional opportunity.   Many people have a resistance to these companies because of the "Door-to-Door salesman" image.   This is wrong but sales is an important skill to learn and you can learn in this environment safely and in your own time.   The best established of these companies is Amway but there are hundreds more.   Look at lots and learn about MLM before joining any of them.   WARNING Many businesses online claim to be MLM but are not. Be very very wary - learn about real MLM first.

Internet Marketing

Businesses online are everywhere at the moment and they are growing at a phenomenal rate.   Success on-line is not assured, there are very few that can teach you what you need to know partly because the internet is still an evolving market and success today doesn't always translate to success tomorrow.   Despite that, a business online can have a very low start up cost, very low running cost, you can sell any product and deliver almost anywhere. Partly because your customers are gaining confidence with shopping online.   The risks are higher than MLM but you can adjust your offering rapidly to take advantage of the changes in the market. NewsFlash here is a new marketing technique that can significantly reduce the risk of building a

business online

.  There are links on the next page to some ideas for a business online which will show you how you can do the same or similar thing. I am involved with some of them.

Mail Order

Mail Order is the traditional start up home based business of choice for many people. Probably the origins of business online and similar risks to online shopping.   There is lots of information available to help you in your search for mail order success.   Again there are low start up costs, low running costs, a huge product range you can sell, higher risk but quite manageable.   You will need to learn how to sell through writing adverts (here is a FREE eBook to teach you how to write stunning advertisements) and you will need to learn what products to sell.   Start by looking at what is currently selling well and sell the same. Starting up is no time to try to develop a unique market or a unique product.   Stick with products tested by time.

Professional Salesperson

Almost all Professional Salespeople are also running their own business.   They are paid on commission for what they sell.   Usually low start up costs because most of the sales tools will be supplied by the company who's products they are marketing.   Low running costs depending on who supplies what, potential is limited by your sales skills, the amount of time available to sell, the quality of your prospects, the quality of the products but an excellent income can be achieved.   Frank Betcher in his book "How I raised myself from Failure to Success in Selling" says that selling is the Best paid hard work and the Worst paid easy work there is.   You may find some products easier to sell than others but mostly any product you can believe in is the right one for you.

There are only 5 ways to Make Money

  • $ Steal or Cheat others out of theirs.
  • $ Inherit it.
  • $ Earn it from your Investments.
  • $ Work for it as an Employee.
  • $ Run your own Business.